Alena has spent the last decade of her life dedicated to methods of transformation, healing and empowerment. As a passionate practitioner of yoga and an intuitive healer, Alena brings the wealth of all her experiences and knowledge to her teachings. Alena discovered Patanjali’s eight-limbed Ashtanga system of yoga in her early 20's and has since travelled extensively to teach and study with many renowned teachers around the world. Alena’s teaching style is personal, dynamic and fluid with attention to detail, awareness of alignment and accurate adjustments. Her teaching is reflective of both the power and grace of the Ashtanga yoga system. Alena offers the space and guidance for developing and deepening your personal yoga practice, exploring possibility, and discovering yourself. 


Alena is an initiated Medicine Woman and supplements her yoga teaching with the skills and knowledge of traditional medicine and self transformation acquired during her experiences learning from Indian Masters, Toltec Medicine Women, Peruvian Shamans, and other ancestral healers around the world. She works with people on the physical, mental, energetic, and soul levels to help them safely transcend preconceived limitations, to unfold and discover their own capability and potential, and to guide them to transform their lives.

My story...

“For what now seems like my whole life I have been fascinated by health, spirituality, the esoteric, and traditional medicine. From learning Egyptian hieroglyphics, to collecting and mixing my own plants into ‘medicine’, to wandering through the forests and conversing with streams and fairies, my childhood served to show me clearly the path which I was born to walk.

My path became starkly clear to me when at twenty years old I stumbled upon the Ashtanga yoga system. Using yoga as my foundation, I have continued to build and explore various systems of healing, transformation, and empowerment. This journey has led me to the yogis of the Himalayas, the shamans of the Peruvian Andes, the medicine women of North America, and many experiences in between that have taught me and blessed me on the path of medicine and spiritual work.

I have had over ten years of experience with the classical Ashtanga yoga system, ancestral medicine traditions, modalities of mystical inquiry, depth psychology, nature and wilderness immersion, integrative and functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and methods of self discovery, transformation, healing and empowerment. I am also an avid traveller, explorer, author, gardener, and a guardian and student of Nature.


My vision for this life is to inspire myself and others to remember who we truly are, to whole heartedly embrace our experience of being human, to openly receive and share the gifts of our destinies, to transcend and transmute the obstacles along the way, and to live in a state of harmony with one another and the earth."



Alena continues to practice and teach the Ashtanga yoga Primary and Intermediate Series, Pranayama and Meditation. She maintains a regular study of yoga philosophy, nutrition, energetics, anatomy and physiology, and history. 

Alena continues with great gratitude to study, apprentice and teach under the guidance of her yoga teachers Hamish Hendry in London and Yogi Sunil Sharma in Rishikesh, India. In addition to study with teachers, Alena is also self taught, with much of her understanding and knowledge coming directly from experience, the practice, as well as the study of primary and secondary texts. Alena has over 800 hours of Yoga Teacher Training certifications. 

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“I feel so utterly blessed to attend Alena’s Astanga classes and receive her wisdom and knowledge always shared with such clarity and grace. Her classes are deep, focused and healing, authentic yet thoroughly refreshing. Her strong prescence, beauty and guidance on and off the mat have been invaluable source of inspiration and elevation for me on my Astanga journey. So much gratitude and and love for a wonderful teacher and woman. Thank You x.”

Nicola ❀ London

“I first met Alena when I began my 200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training at Tattvaa in Rishikesh. She is beyond incredible at what she does – as a teacher & in her own personal practice (which is mesmerizing & inspiring). Alena is a motivational teacher, understands her students needs & is very in tune with each body in her class. She has a very gifted way of assisting with adjustments & advancing in a pose – I was even surprised by where my body could go with the right knowledge & understanding. Alena made me feel safe & supported during a very intense, challenging time in my life & I am forever grateful. I didn’t realise how much emotion & ‘baggage’ is stored in the body & released during intense practice in order to heal & grow & she has been guiding me the entire time – even a year & a half after the completion of my training. If I had the opportunity to learn & practice under Alena’s tutelage again, I would not hesitate.”

Katie ❀ New Zealand

“I learned almost everything I know about Yoga from Alena Natalia Charow.  I like that she gives a little bit of the history of yoga before each class to help students understand the intentions behind the practice instead of just the physical/fitness side of the practice.  I always felt comfortable in her class and enjoyed the postures.  She also would never cancel a class even if there was not enough people, instead she would just work more with each student.  She has helped me develop my own practice with ease and in turn I now have the ability to help others with their practice as well.”

Stevie ❀ Canada

“Alena Charow has taught for me at Hart Yoga during the past two years when she has been in the area. She’s a delight! Her teaching is intelligent, grounded and compassionate, with great attention to detail, and her knowledge base is far-reaching. She can teach a variety of styles, and whether it’s a flow, a more static class, yin yoga, or yoga nidra, it always leaves me feeling balanced, energized and centered. She is utterly reliable, and I always look forward to her classes.”

Lindel ❀ United States of America

“Best teachers are best learners, I’m glad to say that Alena is a progressive teacher who is constantly striving to bring yoga in her life. She is intuitive and logical. She has sharpened her skills through self study and practice. I highly recommend her services to individuals and institutes.”

Sunil ❀ India