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the magic mountain

 ~ Journey to Peru ~

yoga & Shamanism journey

sacred valley & andes mountains

may 11 - 21 2022

"There are other worlds... 

but they are in this one..." 

Embark on a powerful life changing journey into the living mysteries of the Peruvian Andes, one of the strongest energy centres on earth.


Guided by the alchemy of yoga, the shamanic traditions of Peru, and spirits of this ancient land, this journey will lead you on a transformation and healing journey into the depths of your heart and soul.

Ancient indigenous wisdom, yogic teachings blend and exploration of sacred sites harmoniously to create a portal for remembering who you truly are. 

Our ten day experience will be guided by Alena and Master shamans of Peru. This experience includes: 

❃ Morning Yoga Practice & Theory in Patanjali's Ashtanga Tradition ❃

❃ Evening Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra ❃

❃ Powerful Breathwork ❃

❃ Three days adventure to the sacred Ausangate Mountain ❃

❃ Lessons & Practices in Andean Medicine & Cosmovision ❃

❃ Shamanic Ceremonies ❃

❃ Spring Equinox Ritual Celebration ❃ 

❃ Master Herb Medicine ❃

 ❃ Hiking in the Peruvian Andes ❃

 ❃ Experiencing natural hot springs ❃

❃ Accommodation at Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley ❃

❃ Vegetarian Meals and Local Cuisine ❃ 

❃ Powerful & Healing Meditations ❃

❃ Experiencing authentic Peru like a local 

 ❃ Exploring local Weaving Communities and Markets ❃

❃ Despacho Offering Ceremony ❃

❃ One on One Healing Work ❃

❃ Divination ❃

This journey will lead you on a transformational and healing journey into the depths of your heart and soul.

Entering the portal to health, holistic wellness, and remembering who you truly are. 


Join me and my Andean family on a journey of a lifetime. 


Yoga is the Shamanism of the Himalayas, the twin mountain range of the Andes. Some even say the shamanic practices of the Americas originated from the Himalayas millennia ago. During this retreat we will explore the practices of both and how they are harmoniously and fundamentally interwoven. The practices of yoga and shamanic traditions both lead us back remembering our true selves, to healing all that no longer serves us, to discovering our inner power and purpose, and to living in states of harmony.

This retreat will cover Patanjali's Eight Limbed Ashtanga Yoga in theory, practice, and practical application. You will be guided to deepen and establish your personal practices, and to be reminded that you are your own best teacher and healer. 


Classes will include 

Ashtanga vinyasa inspired asana classes and Mysore style practice

Anatomy & Physiology of Asana practice 



Yoga Nidra

Yin Yoga


Circle Discussion 

Alchemical Properties of Yoga (how yoga heals, transforms and empowers your life)

Exploration of Tantric and Patanjali's Lineages

Ashtanga Yoga & the Feminine

Power of Ritual 

Classes are suited for all level of practice and are open to everyone. They will be taught by me Alena


Ceremony is an integral part of Andean life. This retreat will include several forms of ceremony to guide us in connecting with ourselves and the vibrant world around us.

Ceremonies will be led and guided by Maestros (master shamans) of the sacred Andean medicine path who walk their paths with love, wisdom and integrity. We will have the opportunity to work with sacred herbal medicines such as coca and wachuma, which serve as powerful guides and loving spirits that thin the veils between the worlds and help guide us back home to our inner knowing.  

This medicine is medicine of the heart, which works gently but profoundly to realign ourselves with our divine source and release all that holds us back from living in joy and in love. This subtle but powerful medicine does not come with strong visuals, but instead works gently and viscerally to guide you into the heart space. 

Through ceremony, medicine, working with both Masters seen and unseen, grounded in the sacred sites within the Andes, this journey will guide you into remembering the beauty, power, and truth of who you are.  


Mountains are a sacred part of Andean life and are affectionately and with reverence known as the Apus, mountain spirits. 

Our retreat takes place in the Sacred Valley nestled beneath the mountains, but we will also be journeying high into the Andes to sacred sites and ruins. 

Three days will be spent with our local shaman brothers journeying and trekking to the most sacred mountain in Peru, Ausangate, where we will hold ceremony. We will hike through natural high altitude hot springs where we can rest and rejuvenate our bodies in their healing waters. We will stay in a traditional Andean village where you will experience authentic village life as it has been for millennia. This is an exceptional opportunity to experience the high Andes in all its majesty, power and raw beauty.  

We will also do local hikes around the Sacred Valley to waterfalls and Inka ruins. It is recommended to have a relatively good level of fitness to be comfortable hiking, especially in high altitude. 



The Andes are famous for their artisanal weaving and craftsmanship with traditions that date back to the time of the Inkas. 

The woven alpaca blankets and tapestries are filled with ancient symbology and imagery of the sacred Andean cosmology. Weaving communities live to uphold this sacred tradition and this ancestral way of life. 

We will venture into the local markets of Chinchero and Pisac to explore the colours, scents, sounds and even tastes of the Peruvian market. 

Here you will have the opportunity to purchase some of the most beautiful products to bring home. Trust me, you will want to keep space in your luggage!


This retreat is hosted at the beautiful Yoga Mandala Centre, located in the small village of Huandar Chico - Arin, nestled away in the Sacred Valley below the mountains and a spectacular waterfall. 

Our beautiful bio-construction retreat center is surrounded by a variety of flowers, native herbs and water streams of musical background. The seven chakras inspired design bedroom with private bathrooms will provide you days of harmonisation and inner discovery. Our fully equipped Yoga Shala and Yoga Dome overlook the lush surrounding landscapes. 

Yoga Mandala has been designed to have the least possible impact on the surroundings eco system, maintaining a virtual non polluting exclusive operation. Here you will experience the native cultures (Quechua speaking). Their contributions with love and simplicity help make Yoga Mandala Sacred Valley a unique place to stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Our retreat includes eight nights shared accommodation and meals at Yoga Mandala. Single accommodation is available for a supplemental charge. 


This is our tentative schedule to have a vision of what each day will look like. Please note that schedules are always subject to change to ensure you have the best experience possible. ​

Day One:


Welcoming Ceremony 

Evening Yoga Nidra 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala 

Day Two

Morning Yoga Asana and Breathwork


Circle Discussion 

Chinchero Market 

Lessons in Andean Cosmology by Local Shaman 

Evening Yin Yoga 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala 


Day Three: 

Morning Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 


Pisac Market 

Optional Temazcal 


Local hike to waterfall 

Evening Yin Yoga & Meditation 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala

Day Four:

Light Breakfast 

Meet our local shamans 

Hike & Ceremony 

Dinner & Chicha 

Sleep at Yoga Mandala 

Day Five: 

Morning Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 


Sharing Circle 


Free time & Optional Activity 

Evening Yin Yoga & Meditation 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala  

Day Six: 

Morning Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 


Free time or Optional Activity


Free time or Optional Activity

Preparation for Ausangate  

Evening Yin Yoga & Meditation 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala

Day Seven: 


Luggage Storage at YogaMandala

Meet Local Shamans 

Travel to Ausangate 

Hike & Hot Springs 

Despacho Offering Ceremony

Meals & Sleep in Andean Village  

Day Eight: 

Light Breakfast 

Hike & Ceremony

Hot Springs  

Dinner & Sleep in Andean village 

Day Nine: 


Travel to Sacred Valley  

Dinner & Sleep at Yoga Mandala


Day Ten: 

Morning Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 


Sharing Circle


Free time or Optional Activity

Evening Yin Yoga & Meditation 


Sleep at Yoga Mandala  

Day Eleven: 

Morning Asana, Pranayama & Meditation 


Closing Ceremony


All ceremonies, classes and activities are optional.


Invest in yourself on this life changing journey!

Spaces are Limited!

This creates an intimate and supportive environment for deep work and transformational experiences. 



❃ 8 Nights Deluxe Accommodation at YogaMandala

❃ Three days trekking and two nights in village accommodation to Ausangate Mountain

❃ Natural hot springs

❃ All meals at YogaMandala and on ceremony days (please note we will not have lunch on ceremony days) 

❃ Ten yoga lessons, in theory and practice

❃ Two medicine ceremonies guided by local master shamans 

❃ Coca leaf readings

❃ Lessons in Andean cosmology and medicine hosted by a local renown shaman

Circle work and healing  

❃ Despacho sacred offering ceremonies

❃ All camping and yoga equipment 

❃ Practical tools for integrating shamanic and yogic techniques into your daily life 

Not Included: 

❃ Flights to and from Peru 

❃ Travel insurance 

❃ Purchases or food bought in the marketplace 

Optional Add Ons:

❃ Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain, or other excursions

❃ Additional plant medicines and ceremonies 

❃ Transport to and from Cusco 

 ❃ Additional coca leaf readings 

❃ Sweat lodge 

❃ Private room 

❃ Massage 

(These are not included but can be arranged for an additional fee) 


Yoga Mandala Retreat Centre is located in Huandar Chico-Arin, behind Calca in the Sacred Valley. It is 20 minutes from Urubamba, 20 minutes from Pisac, and an hour from Cusco by taxi or Collectivo Bus. 

It is best to fly into Cusco Airport. A few airlines like Avianca offer direct international flights into Cusco. Otherwise it is easy to fly to Lima and change to a domestic flight to Cusco. There are many leaving daily between Lima's international airport and Cusco for relatively inexpensive if booked in advance. 

From the airport to Yoga Mandala we can arrange a car service or you can take a local bus if feeling more adventurous. Uber is also an exceptionally easy way to get around Peru, and is much cheaper than the taxis waiting outside the airport. 

Please remember that Cusco is located at very high altitude (3,400m/11,150ft). It is likely you will experience altitude sickness for the first day or so. Coca tea is the local remedy for this and works like a charm! If you are sensitive to altitude, perhaps plan to arrive a couple of days before the retreat begins to acclimate yourself so you do not feel sick during the retreat.

If you would like to stay in Cusco or continue on to other places in the Sacred Valley, Alena can give recommendations and help make arrangement. 

The time is now 

Are you ready?

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