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Ashtanga + Tantra Inspired Yoga

Embodiment + Movement + Breathwork

Peruvian Plant Medicines facilitated by a Medicine Woman from the Andes 

Local Plant Medicines

Feminine Mysteries + Womb Awakening

Shamanic Medicine, Ritual + Ceremony

Earth +  Elemental Reconnection

Barefoot Luxury Accommodation + Earthbased Nourishment

@ El Pital Chocolate Paradise

Cacao, Volcanoes + Jungle Paradise

Healings, Teachings + Practices

Massage + Bodywork + Cacao Spa 

Jungle Waterfall Vision Quest + Natural Springs

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Join us on a life changing ten day journey of personal transformational and initiation into the wild untouched lands of Nicaragua to Reawaken the Wild Within...

"This journey not only helped me to elevate my yoga knowledge and practice but also made a big step on my healing journey. When I returned back from this journey, I continued to practice the learnings, cultivate the wisdom, and connecting to the divine deeper. I am blessed with a miracle healing on my body. Now I am praying and walking this path further to find my soul purpose and medicine so I can help others and our planet earth."

GT - Retreat Testimonial



Wild is the forgotten part of ourselves.

She dwells in our roots and our bones. 

She moves with the seasons of the earth, the moon, and our womb.

She knows the power and medicine in our blood and body.

She walks her embodied truth.

She lives in each of us... waiting to be remembered.

Into the Wild is an invitation to dive into the inner wilderness of our Wild Feminine to reawaken her and guide her home into our lives and the world.



"Into the wild is not a retreat: it is a living prayer, a circle, a remembrance, and above all, an opportunity to recalibrate to one's own essential nature.

It was an elemental journey that took me into the deep, dark, healing wellsprings within my own being. I learned how to source from there. I learned how to breathe, move, and speak from there. I feel it’s important to share that this is likely not going to be comfortable!


In embracing and meeting the dark feminine, I was asked to look at myself clearly. That was not always easy. It was confronting and triggering, and the only thing to “do” was nothing but witness and feel.


If you feel the readiness in your body to transmute that which is not aligned to your deepest truth, then I encourage you to go on this journey. Also, this is not shadow work for the sake of it. I truly alchemized and moved through the energies in grace and in the safety of true sisterhood. This is rare in that I felt the wholeness of the circle, a cycle moving through all of its stages.


Alena and Corinna are deeply embodied and integrated beings who will support you and guide you, and they hold the container beautifully. This felt like a true reintroduction to the Goddess. There is a lot of fluff out there, especially regarding deep feminine work. This is not that. If you feel a resonance to Alena, Corina, Into the Wild…it is for a reason. You have been called."

- Isabel, United States, Into the Wild 2023



Into the Wild explores our innate inner nature through movement and embodied expression. When we return to our primordial impulses that arise from within, we awaken that which is apart of our deepest medicine and wisdom.

Our immersion uses the ancient and traditional practices and transmissions of Ashtanga Yoga and Shaktism Tantra to awaken our bodies through movement. Every day we will spend several hours exploring Asana, Breathwork, Meditation, and Dance as methods to reignite and rediscover the wild wisdom within.

You can expect to experience:

Traditional Yogic Practices

Traditional Tantric Cosmovision & Devotion

Rediscovering the Sacred Feminine within Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga System

Earth and Elemental Inspired Movement and Yoga 

Shakti Rooted Teachings and Practices of Yoga

Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Breathwork, Chakra & Womb Meditation

Return to Impulse Dance

Bodywork, Touch, and Self Healing

Our classes and teachings will offer you the tools and practices to bring home with you and integrate into your life for sustainable change and transformation. Whether you're seeking to deepen or jumpstart your yoga practice, all movement practices and teachings will offer the tools to bring home with you.


What if...


Yoga arose from Ancient Women.


Yoga naturally transpired as a way of being in connection with elemental rhythms and the organic cycles of life and the universe.

What if transcendence isn’t just about ascending beyond the world and self, but about descending into our bodies and expanding our roots deep into the Earth...



Medicine is that which returns us from states of disharmony back into relationships of harmony with ourselves, others, the Earth, and Spirit.

During our immersion, we will be working with various types of medicine in body and in spirit.

We will work with powerful plant medicines of San Pedro (Huachuma) and Cacao (Xocolatl) to deeper our connection to our bodies and earth, to awaken the womb, open the heart, and receive clarity of vision. Both medicines are powerful allies that guide us into deeper relationships with ourselves and life.

A medicine woman will be traveling from the Andes Mountains in Peru to facilitate our San Pedro ceremonies in the tradition of the Andes and the spirit of the mountains.

We will work with the medicine of the Feminine Mysteries to reawaken our connection to our bodies, blood, bones, bellies, and the Red Threads that connect us to our feminine ancestors and ancestral traditions.

We will work with Shamanic Medicine tools such as energy healing, despacho offerings, journeys and retrievals, ceremony and ritual, and Elemental Magic to reawaken our connection to our own inner medicine and relationship to life.

We call on three strands of shamanic wisdom: the feminine mysteries, Peruvian Andean shamanism, and the ancestral wisdom of the land of Ometepe.


These powerful threads of medicine we will be working with offer you the opportunity for deep and personalised transformation. You will learn tools and practices for cultivating your own connection to Earth and Spirit to bring home with you and integrate into your life for more clarity, fulfilment, and purpose. In reconnecting to the original medicines of the earth, you will experience meaningful and sustainable changes in your life.


Together We Descend into the Roots

Awaken the living Wisdom and Magic within our Bodies

Discover Enlightenment through Embodiment

And Rebirth ourselves through the Earth

"I went on this journey with Alena after trying multiple Western ways of healing. Some of them worked, but only marginally. What worked were the two weeks I spent with Alena, her guides and the incredible group of people she attracted to journey together. 


While I still haven't found a way to put the outcomes of this experience into words, the best way to describe what happened is that I hit a reset button on my life. I  have more gratitude, love, awareness, confidence and abundance in my life. Perhaps the biggest reward is that the experience I had is now part of me and is always within grasp. 


I would recommended this journey to everyone I know who is tired, seeking, stuck, unhappy and bogged down by Western constructs."

IH - Retreat Testimonial



Ometepe is a magical island in the middle of Lake Cocibolca in the middle of Nicaragua. It is shaped in an infinity sign, comprised of two volcanos. One is a volcano of fire, Volcan Concepción, and the other is a volcano of water, Volcan Maderas. Ometepe, like many of the local names, is a Nahuatl word meaning "two mountains". 

Myth tells us that the Mayan and Aztec prophecies told of a magical land, a heaven on earth, where there were two mountains, one of fire and one of water, surrounded by sweet water and abundantly fertile soil. Perhaps there's a reason why the Aztecs never made it south of Nicaragua.

This land, Isla de Ometepe and Nicaragua, is some of the most powerful and potent land I have ever met. Over the last ten years, her magic, mystery, medicine, and dark sense of humor have never ceased to amaze me. She is wild, feminine, dreamy, alive, vibrant, and magnificent. Ometepe is the dark and luscious medicine that offered me deep initation and awakening many years ago.

Into the Wild is not just a gathering in an exotic place, but it is a prayer and an offering. A creation that arises from a profound love with a sacred land that has opened herself and her medicine and mystery for us to receive, experience, and immerse ourselves within. She has called me through dream and vision, and this cocreated experience is the portal to step into her magical realms and wild world to receive, rewild, and rebirth.

Nicaragua is a place of real life magic and deep initiation that will guide you into your own potential and possibility.

Step onto this land and your life will be forever changed...



The elements are our earliest ancestors. They are the physical, energetic, and spiritual foundations for our bodies and beings. To awaken our relationship to the elements is to reawaken our relationship to ourselves and the living world around us.


For millennia wisdom keepers and medicine women and men understood that each element holds a frequency of information that can be accessed and worked with for healing, insight, guidance, and alchemy.

Ometepe is an island where the elements are an intrinsic part of daily life. Surrounded by sweet water, fertile dark earth, a volcano of fire, a volcano of water, and winds from the sea, all the elements are alive, present, and working around and within us. 

Into the Wild will explore each of the Elements to meet and embody their wisdom, medicine, and alchemical powers. We will work most closely with the elements of Earth and Water to connect deeply with the nourishing and transformative powers of these feminine elements.

We will embark on a Vision Quest to wild waters of volcanic waterfalls and a journey to the local sacred healing waters of Ojo de Agua.


Each day we will meet and explore different elements, guiding you into developing your own relationship and connection to working with the magic and medicine of each of these powerful teachers and allies.  


"This journey has been profoundly healing and spiritual, in the most real and truest meaning of the word. Connected to earth, to our body, spirit, emotions, and mind, in a simple but deep authentic way.

Balance, harmony, deep work, and celebration.

After 1 year of traveling the world trying to find the meaning of this human experience, I found that the meaning, the truth, and the purpose that I was seeking so desperately before, have always been here, inside my heart.

Total heart opening and expansion is what happened and what I feel.

Magic is a shift in perception.

Thank You with all my heart."

SL - Retreat Testimonial



Our home is El Pital Chocolate Paradise in Balgüe, Ometepe. Right on Lake Cocibolca and nestled under the Madera Volcano with spectacular views of Conception Volcano, El Pital is truly a dreamy paradise.

El Pital is a living food forest and organic permaculture-inspired cacao farm. Wander among fruit trees, vegetable patches, cacao bushes, indigenous medicinal plants, and towering ancient trees to experience the wild vibrancy of the Earth.

Island myth tells us that El Pital's bay is where women traditionally came to give birth in the life giving and healing waters. This land is pulsing with fertile earth, tangled jungle, and wild feminine mystery.

Fall asleep to the sounds of water lapping against the shore and the breeze rustling the lush leaves of the jungle.

Each accommodation option at El Pital is unique and designed to be seamlessly integrated to the land. There is a wide range of options from more economical dormitory style rooms to tree house cabañas with stunning lake views.


Enjoy this opportunity to experience barefoot luxury and down to earth island life at its finest. We will be living immersed in nature with the comforts of home in this incredibly unique and magical place.



Learn More about El Pital



We are here to deeply nourish and replenish our bodies, minds, and souls.

Into the Wild invites in the wildness of eating living and nourishing foods. All meals are earthbased and plant based, offering the deepest nourishment and flavours. El Pital also offers a fantastic Cacao Bar on site where you can enjoy many of their creative and delicious smoothies, vegan desserts, plant-based foods, and lots and lots of chocolate while taking in views of the volcanos and lake. Two meals a day are included, leaving some extra room to taste all the delicious treats at the Cacao Bar.

Get a taste here!

We will also nourish the body and soul with an included one hour massage by the magical Marlena. 

You will journey home recharged and with an awakened appreciation for the deep nourishment offered by wild foods, super foods, and body rejuvenation.


In a world where our souls are withering in our civilised lives and our connection to the primordial feminine has been buried for so long...


Into the Wild is a call to return to our truth from our roots.


Together we Descend into our Roots

Reclaim the Cyclical Wisdom that lives in our Wombs, Blood, Bones, and Earth

Circle the Medicine Wheel

Reclaim the Sacred Dimensions of our Medicine, Power, Beauty, and Vision

Awaken the living Wisdom and Magic within our Bodies

Discover Enlightenment through Embodiment

Ascend to guide our Wild home. 



Alena comes from an ancestral line of seers, healers, and mystics from North Africa and Eastern Europe. Over almost twenty years Alena's path has guided her to study Ashtanga Yoga and Shaktism Tantra, shamanism, mysticism, Goddess Mysteries, and other Ancestral Medicine traditions from around the world. Alena is an initiated medicine woman, healer, teacher, and priestess to Earth who holds a vision of a humanity reborn to its own sovereignty and magic living in harmony with nature and the Spirit in all things.


Our guest facilitator joins us from the Andes Mountains of Peru where she is a skilled and intuitive medicine woman and healer who believes in the radical reclaiming of your own embodied wisdom. She brings with her the steady spirit of the Andes Mountains and the medicines of mapacho, coca, and wachuma 



Nicaragua is an untouched hidden gem in Central America on the northern border of Costa Rica. While Nicaragua isn't considered a top destination, statistically it is the safest country in Central America and one of the smoothest and most interesting places to travel to.


 Ometepe Island may feel like another world, but it's still realtively easy to get to and conveniently located close to two international airports. 

The best airports to fly into are Managua, Nicaragua or Liberia, Costa Rica. Both are within a 2 hour drive from the ferry port to Ometepe. Another great option is San Jose, Costa Rica, which is just a little further away.  


Ferries go to and from the mainland regularly every day from 4am to 6pm making getting on and off the island relatively simple. The ride is between 45 minutes to 1:15 depending on the boat and is an incredibly pleasant ride with views of the volcanoes, lake, and wild Nicaraguan landscapes.

If you are flying into Costa Rica flights tend to be more regular and economical. The land border crossing between Costa Rica and Nicaragua is very easy and can make getting here more seamless as Costa Rican airports generally offer more flights. You can reach the border by tourist bus or taxi. I am able to arrange drivers who can meet you on either side of the border and assist in the border crossing to make your journey even smoother.

Please don't hesitate to reach out for help in organizing transportation and flights. Also please let me know your flight info so I can arrange transportation.



Pricing for Into the Wild is all-inclusive and varies according to accommodation style.

(Learn more about accommodation options HERE)


Pricing ranges from $2060 to $2950 all inclusive

Live in Nicaragua? You may be eligible for a discount!

Email me HERE

This includes: 

- Ten days shared accommodation at El Pital

- Two plant-based locally grown and homecooked meals per day

- Cacao Tour & Tasting

- Two San Pedro Ceremonies

- One Hour Massage with Marlena

- All Sessions, Classes, Practices

- Journeys to the waterfalls and Ojo de Agua springs

- Cacao Spa Day

This does not include flights, transport, or any personal purchases.

Everyone is welcome.

Payment plans are available.

Check out our schedule below.


Still deciding? Book a Discovery Call! 👆🏽

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