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Full Embodied Self Love + The Male Gaze

I am not here to please the male gaze. I am here to serve the sacred feminine.

My body belongs to me. To Earth, to Spirit, to Her. My body is the living breathing body of the Goddess. Our bodies are the perfect expression of Her. I am scarred and stretched With flaws and flab I have hair, some is grey I have wrinkles, marks and blemishes I have cellulite and sag My body is full of imperfections But that’s what makes it perfect. I continue to learn to unconditionally love my ever evolving form Because loving my body Is loving Her It is a practice of Devotion. The male gaze conquered the sacred expression of the feminine long ago. It led us to forget what we look like, who we are, the sacred ritual of beauty, and the full embodied expression of our sensuality and awakened s€xuality. Have we forgotten what women look like? Beneath layers of alteration, augmentation, invasion, lifts, tucks, injections, implants, filters, fillers, what do we look like? Beneath our collective addiction to diet, detox, shaping, shaving, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders, the feeling of never being enough. What is underneath all that? Who is hiding? While none of this is inherently wrong, it invites a deeper wondering... What are we serving? Am I here to please the male gaze? Is my beauty and body to be served to men for a sense of worth or connection? How do I beautify myself, why, for whom? Those questions brought me back home to me. To Her. To my sacred sovereignty. My body is free. My beauty and body are mine to share from my power. My body belongs to me, not the government, not any industry, not the male gaze. But freeing our bodies doesn’t start or end with the government. It begins and ends with us. We want freedom, but ultimately freedom is an inside job. It’s a deep internal journey of freeing ourselves from all the ways we were told to be, look, and act so someone will love us. It’s a deep dive spiral of loving all the parts of us home that we’ve rejected or loathed. It’s a lifelong practice of loving ourselves home, Of remembering the divine expressions of beauty that we truly are. I am not here to please the male gaze. Quite the contrary, I am here to destroy it. And the way to do that isn’t violent It is simply to awaken the embodied sacred feminine within.

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