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What if Yoga Arose from Ancient Women......

What if...

... yoga arose from ancient women.🌱

... yoga naturally transpired as a way of being in connection with elemental rhythms and the organic cycles of life and the universe.🌚🌝

... yogic siddhis weren’t about transcending our humanness, but instead about unlocking the powers of the earth, cosmos, and the elements that live within us.💫

... bandhas weren’t a way to lock in or lock out energy and prana, but a way to live in mastery of our relationships to our environments and all beings. What if bandhas are another way of breathing: inhaling and exhaling, receiving and offering.🌬

... transcendence isn’t just about ascending beyond the world and self, but also expanding our roots deeply into the earth.🌏

... yoga wasn’t about defying the elements and gunas, but living in harmony with the cosmic ecosystem in all its flux and flow.🪐

... your blood is the invitation to your own power. And your ability to bleed, birth, and cease bleeding are your innate siddhis.🩸

... your womb is a portal into the Dreamtime realms and states of samadhi. Whether you have a physical womb or not, energetically you do.🧿

... yoga is just as much about awakening the force of the Divine Feminine within us as it is about union with Brahman.🌀

... your pains are as sacred as your joys.🖤

... in order to truly live you must allow yourself to die.🔥

... revered yoginis and tantrikas developed the practices of rituals and disciplines for devotion and discernment that evolved into what we know today as yoga.🧘🏽‍♀️

And what if...

... we are just beginning to awaken these dormant memories. Witnessing them sprout from the long buried seeds that live within our cells and the practises themselves.🌱

What if yoga, indeed, arose from ancient women?🌹

Can you feel them? Can you feel Her?♥️

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