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Jimmy is a life long passionate surfer and is known for bringing this enthusiasm to his classes. His surf classes are gentle but motivating and focus on a safe approach for absolute beginners and those unfamiliar with the ocean. Jimmy’s many years of experience also allows him to guide intermediate and advanced surfers.

As a teacher Jimmy draws upon his life long experience in the ocean as a surfer, free diver, lifeguard and his background as an Ashtanga yoga teacher.


Jimmy grew up on the ocean and started surfing as a young boy. His love for the ocean and teaching blossomed into a fruitful surf teaching career. Jimmy has over 14 years of experience surfing all over the world. He has travelled widely and explored remote places to surf like Australia, South America, Europe and all over Oceania. 

Jimmy studied Forest and Nature Conservation and Marine Biology.

Apart from surf exploration, he has travelled extensively usually living a 'leave no trace' and minimalistic lifestyle, camping, hammock-ing and hitchhiking as he went. He combines his background as a forester, his deep appreciation for nature, with survival, Vision Quest, and wilderness techniques. On his guided nature walks expect a surprising blend of yogic and meditative aspects with foraging for edible and medicinal plants and open dialogues about wide ranging subjects like barefoot walking, native medicine traditions and vision questing.

Jimmy holds an Australian Surf Coach Accreditation, which is the highest certification for surf instructors. Jimmy is also an accredited European Surf Coach, a certified Lifeguard and a trained Paramedic.

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