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1:1 Sessions

In Person + Remote Sessions


Healing + Clearing + Retrievals

Medicine Ceremonies + Rituals

Clarity Sessions


Energy Readings + Tracking



"Alena’s offerings are as profound as her presence. She draws upon years of experience, ancient wisdom, numerous lineages, and a fiercely loving heart that has always met me exactly where I am."

"Alena's sessions are strong enough to stand-alone as-is or can be strung together to weave a unique healing experience that has changed my personal and spiritual life. Whether it be physical pain, emotional trauma, spiritual confusion or more, Alena’s work has encompassed all and offered me healing with clarity, nourishment, and love.


"Alena’s unique background in several modalities offers highly personalized medicine. In person sessions are co-created and focused on healing in the moment.  The ripple effects of an hour in Alena’s earthly, fierce, and loving presence pulled me deeper into alignment with my own Truth and rootedness with the Earth. Sessions with Alena reveal the depths and clear direction of my path. I leave the sessions feeling uplifted, relaxed, and nourished by each soul-healing experience. As time goes by each session marks a “quantum leap” in my spiritual path."

Healing + Clearing + Retrievals

Healing Sessions reconnect you to the harmonious flow of life to return to balance, strength, and peace. The root of most ailments is disconnection from the Self and Source. Healing Sessions reclaim your inherent connection to the Earth and Cosmic lifeforce and reconnect you to the supportive spirits and energies around you. During Healing Sessions we will also clear dense or tangled energy, accumulated energies, and re-harmonse the energy body. We call back fragmented pieces of the self or soul to bring clarity and vitality back into your life.

Healing Sessions are relevant for all situations in life to bring harmony, healing, support, and clarity.

If you are drawn to a session, but don't know which one is best for you, the Healing Session is all encompassing and the perfect place to start.

90 - 120 minutes

In Person or Remote

$100 - $250 USD (sliding scale)

Medicine Ceremonies + Rituals

Medicine Ceremonies and Rituals incorporate medicines and ritual practices shared with permission from Peruvian elders and teachers.

Despacho Rituals are offerings to Pachamama, Mother Earth, to harmonise unbalanced energies, release blockages and obstacles, and to call in prayers or intentions. Desphachos are relevant for all occasions, and can help to move energy, reconnect to the spirit of Earth, and align you to your highest possibilities. 

Despachos are available In Person or Remotely

Kambo Ceremonies call in the master medicine of the frog and the highest frequencies of love and healing on this earth. Kambo Medicine is for those seeking deep healing, clarity, realignment, and change in their lives.

In Person Only --- Preapproval Necessary

90 - 180 minutes

$100 - $300 USD (sliding scale)

Clarity Sessions + Healing Transmissions

Clarity Sessions and Healing Transmissions are for those seeking clarity, direction, or guidance in their life. These sessions call on the medicine of the Oracle to guide you and realign you to your highest truth, path, and vision for this life. This is a way to gather wisdom and clarity around life situations, transitions, conflict, existential questions, and anything else in your life that needs to be understood and seen with wisdom and clarity.

60 - 90 minutes

In Person or Remote

$90 - $200 USD (sliding scale)


Meditations + Journeys

Shamanic Journeys and ​Meditations are powerful tools to guide us back to embodied gnosis, relationship with the otherworld and spirit realms, and to reconnect us to Self and Source. Journeys are also powerful tools for retrieving insight, messages, power retrievals, and soul retrievals for deeper healing and wholeness. This is also a way to come into direct relationship with your body's own ability to heal itself through somatic practices, breath work, touch, visualisation, and sound.

Mediation and Journey sessions are for those seeking deeper inquiry, healing, and vision. These practice are relevant for all life situations and can also be practiced on your own after our session to deepen the medicine and transformation.

60 - 90 minutes

In Person or Remote

$80 - $200 USD (sliding scale)


Energy Reading + Tracking

Energy Reading and Tracking Sessions are powerful ways to understand the energetic source, root, and fabric of you in relationships to your life and the world. These sessions offer clear insight into the energetic foundation of you and can help to shed light on your health, emotions, your path, and where you may be stuck or blocked. Reading allows us to see what is ready to be revealed, and tracking allows us to follow the energetic threads to see the ways you relate to life and the world around you.

Energy Reading and Tracking Sessions are relevant for any time, but can be especially helpful for those seeking clarity or guidance. Especially with chronic issues or aliments.

60 - 90 minutes

In Person or Remote

$80 - $200 USD (sliding scale)



Please send the exchange for your session via the link below (please choose the Friends and Family option to avoid paying a service fee). For other methods of payment, please contact me for other payment options. To set up a session please click the link below. To book a discovery call, please click the button below. 


"My life has been a living and walking devotion to exploring and responding to the call of this great mystery of existence and the longings of the soul. I was shown early in childhood the path I was born to walk as Earth and the Great Mother wove herself into my body, bones, dreams, and spirit. 

I am a weaver, a witch, a priestess, and a bridge between worlds; old and new, seen and unseen. I am a carrier of the old ways of medicine and magic that are ready to be remembered. I am a daughter of the Earth. I am a carrier of the threads from lines of healers, seers, and mystics from North Africa, the Mediterranean, and Eastern Europe.


I welcome you to walk with me. May you remember and awaken to share the extraordinary beauty and magnificence that you were born to be..."

Alena has dedicated her life to the journey of healing, empowerment, transformation, and self realisation. She has had almost twenty years of experience with Ancient Yoga & Tantra Systems, Ancestral Medicine Traditions, modalities of Mystical Exploration, Goddess Mysteries, Shamanism, Depth Psychology, Nature and Wilderness Immersion, Earth Wisdom, Integrative and Functional Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and methods of Self Discovery, Transformation, Healing and Empowerment. 

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