Earth Medicine

Reweaving the World

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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine is as old as our earliest human ancestors. Our ancient ancestors discovered their medicine and magical ways through their harmonious relationship with the Earth, the Moon, and the Cosmos. The original Shamans worked closely with the Earth, the Womb, and the feminine fluctuations of Nature. This is a Magic and Medicine so ancient and old its ways are almost lost to us; but, its essence lives on within us. It is time to awaken it.


Indigenous Medicine and Ancient Mystical lineages hold the remaining shapes of the Old Ways. These lineages have been kept hidden to survive. Until now. The ancient ways are making themselves known again in service of humanity and the Earth in this Age of Awakening.

Reweaving the World

The ancient ones prophesied that this time would come: an Age of Awakening. We are being invited to remember who we are and why we are here. Connection to our own divinity is our birthright. By reclaiming the tools of connection that lead us to balance, healing, and empowerment, we reclaim the divine vision to weave a New World into Being. 

Through self-discovery, healing, and empowerment, we embark upon the greatest and most fulfilling adventure of our lives.


Reweaving the World is a Guide for you on your journey. 

This program offers Spiritual Mentorship to guide you on your spiritual path and also Holistic Lifestyle Guidance to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. 

The Program

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The Program 

Reweaving the World is a program that draws on ancient wisdom and works holistically on the five layers of the human being (physical, energetic, mental, soulful, and spiritual) to remember and reclaim a way of life that is more harmonious and aligned with one's self, all sentient beings, and our beloved earth.


We will work with a combination of light work and shadow work to guide you to align with your highest potential, your highest self, and your own evolution. Through this work together we are co-creating a life of harmony and balance. 


• Spiritual Mentorship for guidance on your path

• Holistic Lifestyle Guidance for living in connection and harmony 

• Allowing Healing and Reclaiming Power

• Discovering and Embodying your Medicine: your soul and life purpose

•Relationship Work: family, friendship, romantic, professional, karmic, and soulmates.

• Reclaiming relationship to the Earth 

• Women's Work, Womb Work, and remembering the Sacred Feminine

• Unraveling old patterns, stories, and self limiting beliefs while Reweaving a life of more freedom and harmony. 

• Relieving chronic ailments or imbalances (physical, mental, or emotional).

As you are your own unique human blueprint with your own unique path. Your medicine is as unique as your fingerprint. Each program is designed according to your unique needs.  

You are your ultimately your own best healer and teacher. My goal and vision is to offer you the tools and the confidence to ultimately guide yourself to align to life in joy, love, purpose, and harmony. 

All work is one on one and will be done remotely. 


Holistic Human

As is described in various ancestral medicine traditions, the Human Being is a multidimensional and multilayered being. The integral layers of the human are the physical, energetic, mental, soul, and spirit. These aspects of ourselves are all interconnected and inform one another. When one or more of these layers is resonating out of harmony with the greater, it is in dis-harmony and can result in dis-ease. The Holistic approach to medicine and living addresses all layers to ensure ultimate cohesiveness, health, and harmony of the human being. 

Reweaving the World addresses the multidimensional human and examines each of these layers individually and in relation to one another to ensure sustainable health, harmony, and happiness.

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The Medicine Wheel

Spiritual and Medicine traditions across time and space honour and engage their vision of the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel represents the Cardinal Directions, each with their own guardians, mysteries, wisdom, and medicine. Through the Medicine Wheel we are able to access portals leading us to alchemy, power, love, and divinity. 

In Western Psychology what is closely akin to the Medicine Wheel is the Hero's Journey. Through the work with archetypes, the subconscious and Dreamtime states, we ultimately see ourselves as our own hero in our own powerful myth, on the greatest adventure of our lives to bring our gift to redeem the world. 

Reweaving the World draws upon these two powerful tools to help guide you on your own journey through the subconscious, to transform limiting beliefs, to face obstacles ripe to be transmuted, to reclaim your highest purpose and power, and how to channel your divine offering to the world.  


About Alena

Alena has had over ten years of experience with Ancient Yoga Systems, Ancestral Medicine Traditions, modalities of Mystical Exploration, Shamanism, Depth Psychology, Nature and Wilderness Immersion, Earth Wisdom, Integrative and Functional Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and methods of Self Discovery, Transformation, Healing and Empowerment.

Over many years Alena has studied under Indian Masters, Tibetan Lamas, Medicine Women, Peruvian Shamans, and other Ancestral Healers around the world. Alena is an initiated Medicine Woman and continues to learn from her teachers with great humility and gratitude.


She works with people on the physical, mental, energetic and soul levels to help them safely transcend preconceived limitations, to unfold and discover their own capability and potential, and to guide them to transform their lives to one of greatest joy, love, and fulfilment.

“My vision for this life is to to remember who we truly are, to fully embody our experience of being human, to receive and share the gifts of our destinies, to transcend and transmute the obstacles along the way, and to live in a state of harmony with one another and the earth.”

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For now during these challenging times, all work done together and the appropriate exchange will be agreed upon between us. This exchange will reflect the commitment of time we will work together, your available resources, and the value of my experience. Please contact me to discuss!