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Alena has a very special gift of bringing me back into my body, into the present moment, into my soul path. I remember who I am just by how she listens to me and the sound of her voice reminds me that I am here to be. She holds a frequency that communicates with the most raw and authentic version of myself and she helps this highest version of me to step into my life and take responsibility. I become my purpose. She makes me remember we are all here for a reason and that I belong to this Earth, because I am. Her guidance in my life journey is helping my commitment, my direction and my growth as human being in service of the whole. Forever grateful for her embodied wisdom, kindness, beauty and raw honesty. We all need her medicine because this medicine is the medicine of the Earth speaking through Her. And we all need to remember that we are the Earth.

Svea, Italy

Alena’s unique background in several modalities offers highly personalized medicine. In person sessions are co-created and focused on healing in the moment.  The ripple effects of an hour in Alena’s earthly, fierce, and loving presence pulled me deeper into alignment with my own Truth and rootedness with the Earth. Sessions with Alena reveal the depths and clear direction of my path. I leave the sessions feeling uplifted, relaxed, and nourished by each soul-healing experience. As time goes by each session marks a “quantum leap” in my spiritual path.

Megan, Nicaragua


Deciding to commit to working with Alena has been profoundly enriching and life changing for me. She holds a fiercely loving container that continues to support and anchors me into my own medicine and embodiment in depths that I hadn’t experienced before. I feel more aligned and connected to the divine mystery and earth and hold no doubt that this has come as a direct harvest of having Alena as a mentor. Her wisdom is infinite and ancient and her humility of service, incomparable. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to be witnessed and guided by such a powerful medicine woman.

Cat, United Kingdom

Alena and her earth medicine changed my life by showing me how powerful it is to meet my darkness to experience light. And how powerful we are when we are ready to let go stories who are not ours anymore and reconnect to Mother Earth. Her guidance the last 6 month with her container helps me to create more faith, feminine energy within myself and my life. Every session is eye and heart opening to me and brings me back to my essence. Everyone who wants to experience the power of their true nature have to work with Alena, she embodies what other coaches only just talk about. Thanks Alena for guiding me back home.

Sara, Austria

I’ve had the pleasure to walk with Alena for three seasons. When we met, I wanted more. I was without a voice, scared, and tired. Our container grew from love, support, and gratitude as I learned to shift toward and live with Earth energies. I was offered resources and guides to root and grow.  I struggled in the fogs of confusion and clung to the skins of a “safe,” old life. From scattered and reclaimed pieces, the container shapes as it reshapes you. The Medicine weaves transmissions, rituals, and guides to sustain and inspire one’s own medicine, healing, and living. 

Alena is a wise and wild woman. She is a masterful spiritual mentor. Her Medicine informs one’s own – and it is as timely as it is timeless.  Her multitudes meet your own stretching beyond convention, time, and space. She guides with a deep heart, knowing eyes, and an empathetic ear. 

Meeting the Earth Medicine container has undoubtedly transformed and continues to color my life. Alena’s offering is uniquely personalized and a gift I would encourage all women to consider unwrapping.

Meghan, United States

Working with Alena has been soul revealing for me. It happened at the time I needed it the most, and I dived into her teachings and guidance with all myself. I cannot explain in words what this journey has taught me and what keeps teaching me, but I can tell is definitely life-changing, mind-changing, body-changing and Alena is the best soul I could imagine to have as a spiritual mentor. 

Thank you for your wise words, your passion and your heart full of gratitude, your support and your precious guidance. I know this is a never-ending journey and there's still a lot to be walked through, but having you in my life makes me feel I can do it. I love you. 

Elsa, Italy

"Alena’s offerings are as profound as her presence. She draws upon years of experience, ancient wisdom, numerous lineages, and a fiercely loving heart that has always met me exactly where I am. 
Her sessions are strong enough to stand-alone as-is or can be strung together to weave a unique healing experience that has changed my personal and spiritual life. Whether it be physical pain, emotional trauma, spiritual confusion or more, Alena’s work has encompassed all and offered me healing with clarity, nourishment, and love. 
I can attest that each of our in-person sessions offered me the medicine I yearned for, and the experiences I did not even know I needed along my path. The ripple effects of each session are felt before, immediately after, and continue to reverberate throughout my daily life.  As time goes on my one-on-one sessions with Alena mark “quantum leaps” in my journey and stand as anchors in alignment with Life and the Earth. Alena’s sessions offer me the essential guidance and support along my way." 


Anonymous, Nicaragua

"I started a life-changing journey, and I am lucky enough to have Alena walk with me on my path. Alena is guiding me to all the places I am too afraid to go, and helps me see them in a different light. With her wisdom and support, she is helping me shed limiting beliefs, which prevent me from finding my authentic truth. I truly love working with Alena, as she is attentive, inspirational, magnificent. Earth medicine and my work with Alena is the greatest, life-changing, gift I have ever given myself."

Tamar, Israel

Alena's guidance, support and wisdom has been such a gift in my life. To have her as an ally, mentor and counsellor has been absolutely invaluable. Since working with her, I've felt an acceleration of my spiritual growth, a deeper understanding and acceptance of myself, of my light and my dark, and I've been able to move through challenges in my life with greater ease, receiving with more awareness the gifts those challenges offer. She's helped me through many tough times and has felt like a constant anchor, and a rock through the turbulence. 

I feel like Alena truly sees me, genuinely cares about me, has an ability to draw out my gifts and my strengths, while also not being afraid to call me out when I'm in my head or in my ego. Her deep and fine-tuned wisdom constantly helps me find a higher perspective and to re-program old belief patterns that have held me back. If you're dedicated to your path of growth, want to embrace your true power, to heal your wounds, to come to inner balance, to connect with the Earth's magic within you, and to have someone wisely guide you through life's most difficult and personal struggles, then I highly recommend Alena. I feel like everyone needs an Alena in their lives! 


Anna, Australia

I am following Earth Medicine for almost a year and a half with Alena. My journey, which was started as additional course on my yoga teacher skills, turned out to be a deep journey to find my real self and to be my own healer. Beside all tools and deep wisdom learned, the constant support of my beloved teacher sister Alena made this journey so personal strong and unique. As they say “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I am so blessed that our ways have crossed. Thank you many many times for holding me, giving me space, sharing your wisdom and helping me to find my true self and my divine purpose. Love you from bottom of my heart.

Guliz, Netherlands

Working with Alena is so much more than, and different from actual "work". It's a journey where you travel to the edge of yourself in order to find your center. Alena is a guide and mentor like no other I've had before. She offers perspective, balance, and a safe space to evolve. Her knowledge never fails to amaze me. 

Thanks so much for everything!

Steffi, Switzerland

When I was initially connecting with Alena the quote: “the teacher appears when the student is ready” deeply resonated with me. However, Alena’s unique Earth Medicine stretches far beyond a traditional teacher and classroom. The Earth Medicine container is a co-created space to heal, learn, re-member, connect and express. Alena’s expansive knowledge, experience, feminine wisdom, and practice held not only the “lessons” I was yearned to learn, but “baptized” me into a new way of being.  

Alena’s Earth Medicine found me at time I felt most “empty.” Our container is a full “well” I’ve come to draw upon for continued clarity, strength, and inspiration. Since working with Alena, I’ve reconnected to sacred and holy energies, engaged devotional practices, and rejuvenated relationships within myself and with others.  I highly recommend Alena’s offering for those whose spirit whispers and yearns for earthly possibility.  

Meghan, United States


I feel so utterly blessed to attend Alena’s Astanga classes and receive her wisdom and knowledge always shared with such clarity and grace. Her classes are deep, focused and healing, authentic yet thoroughly refreshing. Her strong prescence, beauty and guidance on and off the mat have been invaluable source of inspiration and elevation for me on my Astanga journey. So much gratitude and and love for a wonderful teacher and woman. Thank You x.


Nicola, London

I first met Alena when I began my 200hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training at Tattvaa in Rishikesh. She is beyond incredible at what she does – as a teacher & in her own personal practice (which is mesmerizing & inspiring). Alena is a motivational teacher, understands her students needs & is very in tune with each body in her class. She has a very gifted way of assisting with adjustments & advancing in a pose – I was even surprised by where my body could go with the right knowledge & understanding. Alena made me feel safe & supported during a very intense, challenging time in my life & I am forever grateful. I didn’t realise how much emotion & ‘baggage’ is stored in the body & released during intense practice in order to heal & grow & she has been guiding me the entire time – even a year & a half after the completion of my training. If I had the opportunity to learn & practice under Alena’s tutelage again, I would not hesitate.


Katie, New Zealand

I learned almost everything I know about Yoga from Alena Natalia Charow.  I like that she gives a little bit of the history of yoga before each class to help students understand the intentions behind the practice instead of just the physical/fitness side of the practice.  I always felt comfortable in her class and enjoyed the postures.  She also would never cancel a class even if there was not enough people, instead she would just work more with each student.  She has helped me develop my own practice with ease and in turn I now have the ability to help others with their practice as well.


Stevie, Canada

Alena Charow has taught for me at Hart Yoga during the past two years when she has been in the area. She’s a delight! Her teaching is intelligent, grounded and compassionate, with great attention to detail, and her knowledge base is far-reaching. She can teach a variety of styles, and whether it’s a flow, a more static class, yin yoga, or yoga nidra, it always leaves me feeling balanced, energized and centered. She is utterly reliable, and I always look forward to her classes.


Lindel, United States of America

Best teachers are best learners, I’m glad to say that Alena is a progressive teacher who is constantly striving to bring yoga in her life. She is intuitive and logical. She has sharpened her skills through self study and practice. I highly recommend her services to individuals and institutes.

Sunil, India

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