Deciding to commit to working with Alena has been profoundly enriching and life changing for me. She holds a fiercely loving container that continues to support and anchors me into my own medicine and embodiment in depths that I hadn’t experienced before. I feel more aligned and connected to the divine mystery and earth and hold no doubt that this has come as a direct harvest of having Alena as a mentor. Her wisdom is infinite and ancient and her humility of service, incomparable. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to be witnessed and guided by such a powerful medicine woman.

CB, Australia

I am following Earth Medicine for almost a year and a half with Alena. My journey, which was started as additinal course on my yoga teacher skills, turned out to be a deep journey to find my real self and  to be my own healer. Beside all tools and deep wisdom learned, the constant support of my beloved teacher sister Alena made this journey so personal strong and unique. As they say “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I am so blessed that our ways have crossed. Thank you many many times for holding me, giving me space, sharing your wisdom and helping me to find my true self and my divine purpose. Love you from bottom of my heart ♥️

GT, Netherlands

Working with Alena is so much more than, and different from actual "work". It's a journey where you travel to the edge of yourself in order to find your center. Alena is a guide and mentor like no other I've had before. She offers perspective, balance, and a safe space to evolve. Her knowledge never fails to amaze me. 

Thanks so much for everything!

SH, Switzerland