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Women are keepers of the soul of the Earth.

We are the portals between worlds. 

The keepers of the doorwary of Life and Death.

We are the Living Mysteries who hold the ancient codes of wisdom within us.

It's time to remember the Red Threads.

Our umbillical cords to the body of Earth. 

The vortex within our Wombs that open into the Great Cosmic Void. 

Where all Creation arises from, and returns to.

We are that.

The time for remembering is now.



When women gather, healing happens.


Throughout history, women have had many rituals and traditions for coming together. Women gathering in Sisterhood has been the backbone of humanity throughout the ages.

This journey honours the merging of women in sisterhood to collectively reclaim

that which has been inherent to women since the beginning of time.

In the beginning, women were the keepers of the Sacred within the tribe. They were the healers, mothers, shamans, weavers, creators, alchemists, and nurturers. For thousands of years, women were honoured as the sacred portals between worlds, the keepers of life and death.

It is time to remember the truth and power of who we are, for ourselves and for our sisters.


The ancient women who gathered within the dark glow of the Red Tent every dark moon are our ancestors. Their medicine is within the exiled part of ourselves. The bleeding and wild woman weaving with the Red Threads of her ancestors who holds the keys to our healing and power.

It is the Red Thread that brings us back to the beginning. To our primordial

essence and wisdom. An ancient magic sleeping in our bones, just waiting to be awakened for a world that needs the medicine more than ever. 

Red Tent is the soul balm for women cut at the roots, parched from a hypermasculine world, and who are longing for themselves. Longing for a feminine realm that feels almost like a distant dream, but if we are quiet enough we can hear it. Longing for a world we don't even remember we have lost, but still sense it stirring beneath the currents of our lives.

The Red Threads of our grandmothers are ready to be taken up with our fingers once again to be woven back into our lives and the world.



Womb Awakening

Blood Mysteries and Sacred Sexuality

Healing the Witch Wound and Sister Wound

Lunar and Elemental Magic

Sacred Space and Ritual

Deconditioning and Deep Healing

A Red Tent Sisterhood for Sharing and Support

Exploration of Sacred Rage and Sacred Beauty

Devotional Paths

Reclaiming Powers of Creation and Destruction

Reconnecting to the lineages of the Feminine Mysteries


“The Old Ones say the women will lead the healing among the tribes. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and modest.”

 Lakota Proverb 


Weekly Zoom Calls

Weekly Journaling Prompts

Recorded Meditations and Practices

Embodiment and Guided Journeys

Transmissions, Teachings, and Practices

Whatsapp Sisterhood Group


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