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and the Feminine

Workshop hosted by Alena & Nicola

Sunday June 30th 2:45~5:45pm

Yogaloft, LONDON



In a time when the archaic imbalances of the Feminine and Masculine in our world are becoming increasingly apparent and disharmonising, we felt inspired to share over 20 years of combined experience exploring the balancing of Yin and Yang within the ancient Astanga Yoga system. 

The beauty of the Ashtanga method is that it has a strong masculine as well as strong feminine elements, which is what makes it such a powerful, healing and transformational practice when they are working in harmony with one another. The structure of ashtanga gives us a way to stay anchored in the world while still allowing us to experience the blissful states of awakening and cosmic awareness.


The Ashtanga method if practiced in a balance state of opposing forces and energies gives us the opportunity to cultivate feminine qualities within the structure of the masculine and return to a state of harmony.


Unfortunately, the cultivation of striving, pushing, and militant discipline seem to define the Ashtanga practice and practitioner today. We hope to shift and expand this understanding.

By unearthing the the feminine qualities of surrender, intuition, vulnerability, forgiveness, creativity and healing, Ashtanga Yoga is a vehicle for evolution, for understanding our behaviours and patterns, an alchemical formula for transformation, and ultimately for self realisation. 


This workshop will include theory, circle discussion, and practice.


We will observe and discuss the feminine qualities within Patanjali’s Eight Limbs

Tristhana (bandhas, breath, dristhi)

We will discuss the cyclic aspects of the practice, lunar cycles, cycles of breath, cycles of nature, cycles of time, the Kali aspects of destruction and creation, the alchemical and transformational aspects of working in the shadows and watery depths of ones psyche, digging deep into the darkness and dying to oneself to be reborn again, shamanic dreamtime, mystical experience and samadhi all within the vehicle of Astanga yoga and asana practice. 

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