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Into the Wild Woman

Retreat hosted by Alena Natalia and Kara Halpern

Pocono Mountains 

October 4-6  2019

In a world where our souls are withering in our civilised lives and our connection to the innate feminine has been buried for so long, Into the Wild Woman is a call to return to our roots. 

Join us on this retreat in the mountains of North America to explore the rewilding practices for the modern woman that will lead us back to ourselves. 

This retreat will include daily yoga, ceremonial practices, vision quest forest explorations, back to the earth meals, comfortable accommodation within the wilds of nature, and the opportunity to merge into sisterhood and womanhood that will support you for the rest of your life. 

Daily guided yoga and breathing practices 

Rewilding and earth based connection practices

Vision Quest and hiking 

Discovering the power of ritual and ceremony

Women's Circles and Fire Ceremony

Earth to table meals made with love

Accommodation immersed in nature

Transformative meditation practices

The power of sisterhood


“The Old Ones say the women will lead the healing among the tribes. Inside them are the powers of love and strength given by the Moon and the Earth. When everyone else gives up, it is the women who sings the songs of strength. She is the backbone of the people. So, to our women we say, sing your songs of strength; pray for your special powers; keep our people strong; be respectful, gentle, and modest.”

✽ Lakota Proverb ✽


Re-wilding is the experience and practice of reconnecting and retuning ourselves to the organic and primal processes of nature, which is what we ultimately are and where we come from. Through simple practices we can easily begin to reestablish our relationship to the earth as a portal and pathway back to ourselves and the interconnected webs of life. Women especially exist naturally closer to the waxing and waning cycles of life. When we disconnect from these cycles, we lose a connection with ourselves. Through cultivating our inherently wild core we can cultivate greater wellbeing on all levels of the human being (physical, energetic, mental, soulful, and spiritual).

During this retreat we will cover basic techniques and practices that can be easily integrated into the daily life of the modern woman to bring you closer to yourself and your home in nature, regardless of where you live. We will also hold Women's Circles where we will discuss rewilding, the feminine, and sisterhood as a pathway back to harmony. 



Yoga is an ancient technology and pathway of connection, union, and balance. The practices of yoga are an opportunity to journey inwards into our depths to discover and empower ourselves. This retreat will include evening yoga and morning yoga practices. Our evening yoga class will be based on the Yin style of practice as a restorative and meditative way to connect to and release the somatic and mental body. We will also work with practices such as Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, and Meditation to access Kundalini and the subconsciousness layers of the mind. Morning yoga classes will be more energising and based on the Ashtanga system of yoga. Morning classes will also cover basic alignment, the Tristana fundamentals of yoga (vinyasa, bandha and dristi), and the power of breath. All yoga classes will explore the balance of sacred duality and using yoga as a way to access the divine feminine and deepen our connection to the earth. 

Yoga classes are accessible to all levels of practitioner and will be a way to reconnect to the roots of yoga and to cultivate and deepen your own practice. 

Vision Quest

Vision Questing is an ancient practice that takes many forms across all cultures around the world. From the South American dieta, to the Aboriginal Walkabout, to the Sadhus of the Himalayas, to the Native American vision quest traditions, and many in between, the Vision Quest has played an integral part of spiritual traditions through the ages. The tradition of Vision Quest typically involves going alone into nature to seek vision from the guiding forces of the natural world. Vision Questing when done with intention and in ceremony can be a powerful form of healing, empowerment and transformation. 

This retreat will include guided hikes through the wilderness of the Pocono Mountains, visiting the mystical Columcille megalith stones. During the hike we will integrate foundational practices of the Vision Quest (don't worry, no fasting!) which will cultivate the connection and vision that is at the core of the Vision Quest tradition.  

Women's Circle

Throughout history women have had many guises for coming together to share history, stories, ways of healing and growing. From the Red Tents to Avalon, women coming together in sisterhood has been the backbone of community throughout time. 

Today this practice has had a resurgence in the Women's Circle. In creating an interconnected web of female energy in the sacred circle, together we can heal and expand. We create a safe space to share moon rituals, trauma release, womb activation and many other tools to take away and integrate into our personal practices. 

This retreat will include the merging of women in sisterhood and trust through the practice of Women's Circle to move us towards communion, sharing and harmony. 


Meet Sophia, our in house nourisher. She will be catering the retreat with seasonal, local produce providing pure energy during this time of transformation. Sophia is an Earth Giver as she works closely with the earth to understand Her natural rhythms and plentiful gifts. This understanding enables her to harness the Earths natural abundance for our sustenance whilst giving back to the harmony of nature. She is a certified permaculturist, certified wine guru, and biodynamic lover having worked at farms in Thailand, New Zealand and Massachusetts. She has also spent time with indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon and Peruvian Mountains which has helped her fully grasp what “farm to table” is all about. 

Sophia's natural food journey began with her own illness that led to the pursuit of vegan, gluten free and simple recipes to delight her body and her many dinner parties.  Cooking for friends and family has been for her a creative output to harness the gifts of this earth for the nourishment of the self. Her spiritual journey has also helped instil a practice of mindful cooking, as we are what we eat she values the importance of positive energy food cooked with joy that can radiate out of each person at her table.


The meals served during the retreat will include the abundance from Sophia's and Alena’s own organic vegetable garden and their many home fermented concoctions.


Our retreat is located at the Pocono Barn in the mountains of Pennsylvania in a 19th century barn that has been renovated into a cosy and spacious retreat home with the rustic charm of its past merged with streamlined modern style.

Each room in the barn is uniquely styled and decorated with themes from around the world creating an eclectic and cosy atmosphere. 

We have three accommodation styles available for the retreat: 

     In House Bedrooms 

     Deluxe Camping 

     Basic Camping 


Easily accessible from New York City and Philadelphia. For more details on the Pocono Barn click here!



With over a decade of experience in yoga, ancestral medicine, and other mystical traditions, Alena is an experienced facilitator who will guide our group of women through various practices, activities, and experiences. 


Learn more about me here... 



Half New York City lawyer, half spiritual jedi, Kara is the perfect bridge between the worlds. Facilitating the creation of this event, the bridge to bring these practices to other modern and conscious women such as herself, and the manifestor extraordinaire of bringing our concept to life. 





Lunch is Served 

Opening Ceremony 

Women's Circle 

Evening Yoga & Meditation

Dinner is Served  



Morning Yoga 


Free Time 

Vision Quest Hike 


Free Time 

Evening Meditation & Women's Circle


Fire Ceremony



Morning Yoga 


Free Time 

Optional Activity 


Free Time 

Women's Circle & Closing Ceremony





Prices are all inclusive of all meals, all activities, a gift basket for each attendee and two nights of accommodation. Pricing does not include transportation or supplemental fees for private accommodation. Early Bird Pricing available until August 21!

In House Accommodation beginning at $450 per person (pricing dependent on Room Style) 

Deluxe Camping Accommodation beginning at $400 per person 

Basic Camping Accommodation beginning at $350 per person (camping equipment not included)


Bookings & Inquiries 

Please contact either Alena or Kara for bookings, pricing, and more information. 



Limited Spaces Available! 


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