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Alignment versus Convenience

This has been coming up a lot recently in the spaces and containers I hold for women.

Convenience is something that often limits us to our comfort zone or conditioning.

Alignment is that which connects us to the flow of Life around us.

One is isolating. The other returns us to our natural state of interconnectedness.

The paradox here is, that once we decide to step into alignment, it won’t feel comfortable or convenient. But once we arrive to the state of alignment, everything actually is comfortable and convenient. It flows.

It’s the getting there, the choice, the dive, that people find uncomfortable.

The truth is, convenience is an idea and an illusion sold to us by capitalism. Do this, and you will enjoy the convenience of a life where you never have to change, never have to fully feel, and never have to go anywhere that brings friction. This was something sold to numb us to our fullest potential.

Because the other truth is, friction is fertile.

The only way to deeply grow, heal, evolve, and embody our soul’s gifts is through the friction of letting go of everything we think we are, the convenience to stay the same, so that we can actually become who we were born to be.

Many people want to be on a path of service/medicine/spirit, but still cling to convenience at the expense of our deepest and highest alignments with Life, the forces of nature, the spirit in all.

Convenience is our perennial excuse.

Another truth is, this path of service is just that. Service. It’s actually not about you in your comforts and identities, it’s about YOU in reciprocal relationship to LIFE.

This doesn’t mean we don’t tend to our own needs. It means that when life calls us, when we want this path, when we ask to be of greater service to the whole, we show up. We say YES.

Even if it’s scary. Or uncomfortable. Or inconvenient to our ideas of what life is. Even if it asks us to let things go or do things we never thought we could do.

Because it will always ask, Life will always ask us to step out of what is comfortable in service of what is necessary for our own evolution and self realisation. For Life. That is alignment. That is service. It’s bigger than us.

This path is not something we do on the weekends. It is every moment of our lives, and how we choose to respond to each moment. How we choose to show up. Even if it’s not convenient.

But that’s alignment. And that’s where the magic begins.

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