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Ancestral Land Magic

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We cannot know where we stand or where we are going, until we know and awaken within our bodies, where we come from.

Visiting ancestral lands can help us to find ourselves as we ourselves seek to see it through the eyes of our ancestors.

From North Africa to Southern Europe to the Middle East, my ancestors walked these lands and sailed these waters. This land and these waters are those of my ancestors.

Whenever I am here it is a medicine to my bones. So deep and subtle, it’s barely palpable.

But my eyes turn a light green, my soul finds a softer peace, a quiet power stirs and awakens within. I come to life.

There is a power that awakens when our blood meets the land where it has been spilled, shed, offered, and returned for millennia.

My blood is in these lands, it runs through these waters. It is my connection to the old and ancient parts of myself within these places.

In our ancestral lands the veils are thinner. Timelines are woven more closely. It is here from where we can touch the powers that guide us, the path we were born to walk, of who we are beyond ourselves.

I am my ancestors’ daughter. Their magic runs through me.

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