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Conscious Bleeding and Healing our Earth

“When women give their blood back to the earth, men will come home from war and earth shall find peace.”

- Hopi Prophecy

Bleeding days are for magic.

For prayer and dreams.

Bleeding days are for ritual and renewal

For wearing red and black

For raw unbridled wildness

For letting our blood run free

Home to Earth

From our womb back to hers.

Bleeding is taboo because it is powerful.

Conscious bleeding heals our souls, our bodies, our earth, our humanity.

It is the original magic, our truest nature, the original mystery, the first ritual.

We have been taught to shame and demonise our moon blood and moon time, instead of finding the power and medicine within its portal.

We pathologize the feminine, instead of becoming her.

We reduce the feminine expression of our Moon Blood to a set of symptoms.

When in truth our Moon Time is the gravity that draws us downwards and inwards to meet our alchemical power.

Pain, bloating, emotions, cramps, tiredness, nonlinear consciousness, and foggy mind are all seen as pathologies, problems, bad, or at best inconvenient.

But they are invitations into our own magic.

They are invitations to rest, dream, intuit, cry, roar, feel, slow, express, release, rebirth, and receive.

Our womb is the portal to our direct connection to the Cosmos.

Our blood is the red thread of our roots returning to Earth.

All sensation is simply the invitation to remembering.

When we return our blood to the earth, we begin to journey of returning home to ourselves.

When we reclaim the magic and power of our blood, we heal the earth.

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