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Divine Union within Traditional Yoga

When the masculine isn’t rooted in the feminine, it will always ultimately crack and collapse upon itself.

Yoga works when there is balance between a masculine container that holds the healing and transformative forces of the feminine. Thus the meaning of yoga: union.

But what happens when we become so focused on building the structure, that we end up constricting the wild flow of feminine?

This is the cul de sac so many unknowingly find themselves in in our modern spiritual world.

We are so obsessed with form, structure and shape we never fully learn how to embrace and receive the actual medicine and magic that bubbles up from within.

Many walking a spiritual path get stuck along their journey because they stick to the conditioning that feels comfortable and avoid the unknown that feels less comfortable.

This includes practice from solely a hypermasculine approach, hence our collective obsession with labels, titles, tools, shapes. And avoiding the uncomfortable edges and primordial vastness the feminine will always lead us to.

We are addicted to doing and terrified of the undoing.

It is so easy to repeat the same patterns on loop when we call them something else, while believing we’ve changed.

The spiritual journey is filled with traps and tricksters. And ideas without embodiment is one of our greatest traps.

Our deeply conditioned yet comfortable programs of an hypermasculine world are enough to choke the flow of the feminine. This is where so many get stuck.

From this imbalance, our practice will come crashing down, even if we don’t know it. We will end up in a spiritual rut, even if we think we’re still going.

The only way to heal the hypermasculine however, is through the feminine. Surrender to that which we can’t grasp.

Once upon a time I used to be a very strict and disciplined teacher. Tight containers and firm structures. That’s how I learned. But it’s been a long road and I’ve been undone and realigned many many times.Nowadays I work differently. We start with the undoing. With the letting go. With the surrender. The descent. The rooting. The darkness.

It’s only from there that the perennial structures to support our journey may grow.

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