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The Lineage of Earth

"Seek not the paths of the ancients; seek that which the ancients sought." - Basho

Countless lineages of mysticism, medicine, and magic have been woven in the fabric of our time as humans on earth. And lineage serves the important role of being a sacred keeper of intelligence, a container that holds, a tender to the flames of wisdom.

But, lineage is ultimately where we go to find that which is on the other side of lineage. Where did lineage arise from? Lineage was born as a way to experience and encode that which the ancients sought. To hold it and sometimes share it.

But what was it that the ancients were seeking?

Lineage is a path, but it is not the answer.

It is not the answer to the perennial questions: why we are, who we are, what we are, what is our greatest potential.

These questions are the impulse, the inspiration, the glimmering light, that has guided the way for seekers and mystics since the beginning of time.

So many of us seek to belong to a path, a practice, a shape, but we forget to belong to ourselves. To the earth. To our ancestors. To the weave of life that brought us here.

Where did we belong in the beginning, before all of this.

Before there was lineage as we know it, there was humans belonging to earth.

Our first ancestors knowing how to live in reciprocal relationship with all of life. Knowing their thread in this cosmic web of life.

All lineage, culture, spiritual understanding, and medicine was birthed from here. That centre of gravity point: of human beings on earth in relationship to life.

This is the Lineage of Earth. The primordial lineage that all lineages as we know them were born from. This is the seed, the root. It is the fundamental impulse that wove into being all that now see.

We all belong to the Lineage of Earth.

All of our ancestors lived in cyclical relationship and devotion to Life, Earth, Nature, Cosmos, and the Spirit in all things. It is our most original, ancient form of knowing, relating, and living. And it belongs to all of us. We belong to it.

It’s easy to get distracted on this long and winding path. There is a lot here that glitters.

But ultimately we must remember that it is not the path itself we are seeking, but that which lives encoded in our bones, blood, and bodies: the ultimate raw and wild truth of who we are. Why we are here. Our original imprint and intelligence.

In our modern world it is so easy to get distracted by the shape of things and we often forget the substance that fills them.

But the substance is found within the questions.

Where do we come from, where we are going, and where we stand interwoven with life in this present moment.

Who are we in this web of life. What is our thread. What is our Relationship to Life? Where is our belonging in the matrix of life.

Can we remember our belonging to the Lineage of Earth?

Can we remember our belonging to the primordial impulse for life and creation that brought us here and that we ultimately dissolve back into.

The ancient mystics and sages across time and space walked many different paths, but they sought the same thing.


Does this resonate?

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