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Yoga Instruction with theory, practice, and philosophy.
Morning ashtanga vinyasa practice, pranayama and meditation.
Evening discussion circles, yin yoga, chanting, and Yoga Nidra practices.
Discover the power of ritual, yoga as medicine, and how to develop your own personal yoga practice that fits your lifestyle. 
Four hours of surf classes with small groups to ensure fast progress
Guided nature walks focused on foraging your own edible and medicinal plants
Unlimited access to sauna, heated indoor swimming pool and tennis court
Ayurvedic inspired meals prepared by a chef with intimate family style dining 
Beautiful gardens and surrounding nature
Luxurious shared accommodation walking distance from the beach
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Retreat Information


The retreat includes seven hours of yoga. This includes theory, practice, philosophy, as well as ways to incorporate yoga into your own personal life. Classes will include: ashtanga vinyasa inspired movement classes, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, yin yoga, chanting, circle discussion, discovering the power of ritual, and the alchemical properties of yoga (how yoga heals, transforms and empowers your life). Our yoga shala is in a brightly lit and warm space, fully equipped with all mats and props, to ensure a comfortable space for practice. Me (Alena) will be your yoga teacher.


Surfing is our added treat for this retreat! Domburg boasts one of the best waves in Holland and the beach is only steps away from our pristine retreat centre.

Jimmy, our local Dutch surf expert and coach with over 15 years of experience, will lead you through 4 hours of surf sessions.

You will learn important theory, be guided through the practical (yes this means surfing your own waves!), and also be directed with personal tips and instruction from Jimmy. 

Surfing is an optional add on activity. We do this as surfing is dependent on wave forecast and weather. For those who do not have their own board or wetsuit, we will provide this equipment and it will be included in the costs for surfing. 


Guided Nature Walks are included in this retreat, leading you on a magical journey to connect with the pristine nature of southern Holland.

Jimmy is a forester, wilderness guide and expert Vision Quester, with many years of studying nature's gifts and depths. Jimmy will lead you on comfortable walks and encourage you to learn about the wonders of natural world around you.


This includes tips for foraging foods and medicinal plants that are native to Northern Europe and have fed and healed our ancestors for millennia. You will also have the opportunity to collect your own wild fruits from nature along the way that we will cook into our retreat meals. 


We believe that food is a divine blessing of nourishment and medicine. All of our meals are prepared with love and attention to the healing and replenishing properties of food. 

Meals are Ayurvedic inspired and made by our professional chef with input from Alena, who has had over a decade of experience with holistic nutrition and the healing properties of food. 

All meals are served in a family dining style to share the love and joy of food together. 

Wild Flowers


We have scouted out a spectacular retreat space at Yoga Bee Retreat Centre in Domburg, Holland. Only steps away from the beach and the charming village of Domburg, Yogabee is the ideal place to escape for a peaceful and replenishing weekend. 

Yogabee is a luxurious yet down to earth setting for enjoying the activities of the retreat. Facilities include a indoor heated pool, a sauna, spectacular gardens, cosy hang out areas, and a large kitchen for our communal meals. So bring your swim suit and a good book! 

All rooms are shared accommodation with the option of either private, semi-private or shared bathroom. Perfect for bringing a friend or a partner! 

Find out more here


FRIDAY July 19

10am     Arrivals begin at Yogabee

1.30        Lunch is served

                 Free time

6pm       Welcome ceremony

6.30       Evening Yoga

7.30        Dinner is served


7am      Tea and Coffee

8am      Morning Asana 

9.30     Pranayama and Meditation

10am    Breakfast

11am     Surf lessons or Free Time

1.30      Lunch

3pm      Nature Walk

               Free Time

6pm       Circle Discussion

6.30      Evening Yoga

7.30      Dinner is Served

SUNDAY July 21

7am      Tea and Coffee

8am      Morning Asana 

9.30     Pranayama and Meditation

10am    Breakfast

11am     Surf lessons or Free Time

1.30      Lunch

              Free Time

4pm     Departures 



Prices include all activities, food, and accommodation. This does not include surfing, which we leave as an optional add on, and this does not include any transportation costs. Rooms are shared accommodation and request for a private room will incur a supplemental fee. 

❀   Deluxe room with private bath and shower                                          €390

❀   Luxury rooms with private bathroom                                                    €380

❀   Luxury rooms with semi-private bathroom                                          €380

❀   Luxury room with shared bathroom in the hallway                             €370

❀   Smaller room with shared bathroom in the hallway                            €360

❀   Mezzanine with shared bathroom and shower                                    €360

​​❀   Surfing Package (including all equipment)                                           + €75

Limited spaces available

If you want to make a reservation or a booking, send an email with your details to



Getting there by Public Transport


Take the train to Middelburg station.

This is the closest train station, from which we can pick you up.

Alternatively, you can take a bus from Middelburg station:

Bus 52, direction: Domburg Singel.

Get off at the stop: Kasteel Westhove, Oostkapelle. 

We are exploring the possibility of running a car from Amsterdam straight to the Retreat Centre. So if you're looking at flying or taking the train to Amsterdam or another city, get in touch with us!

Yogabee Retreat Centre

Bijenkotsweg 1
4357 NH Domburg

Getting There
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