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Parampara Program

Personal Yoga Mentorship

Practice • Theory • Philosophy

Parampara Program

This program was inspired by the Sanskrit word Parampara. Traditionally parampara was the way in which a yogi learned from their teacher. Parampara means the direct and experiential knowledge passed in succession from teacher to student. This one on one yoga mentorship offering is in honour of this traditional way of learning and experiencing yoga. 

Yoga is a map that leads its practitioners on the journey of a lifetime. However, as each person is unique, so is each journey of yoga. With one on one style mentorship we discover the best ways to apply the practices of yoga to you and your life. 

This program has been designed as a personal way of learning, practicing, and experiencing yoga in its holism. 

Teachings will be based on Patanjali's Eight Limbed system of Ashtanga Yoga. This mentorship program is suitable for beginners or more adept practitioners and will cover the fundamentals of the theory and practice of the Ashtanga Yoga system. It will offer you the tools, practices, and confidence to continue to cultivate your own Yoga practice safely and holistically. 


We will cover each of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga in theory and practice (including asana, pranayama, and meditation), the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, foundational anatomy, philosophy, the application of yoga into everyday life, and more. Please see below for more details.


This program can be done in conjunction with other classes or teachings or  independently on its own and by all levels of practitioner. This program will be designed for you and your needs while also retaining the integrity of the Ashtanga Yoga system.  


This program is for: 

• Those wishing to start or develop a yoga practice 

• Those seeking to develop their self practice safely and confidently 

• Those seeking the depth of knowledge and teaching offering in workshop or teacher training settings

• Those with an established yoga practice looking to learn more and go deeper

• Those from any style or system of yoga seeking to broaden their yoga practice 

• Yoga teachers who are seeking to continue learning and growing  

• Those seeking to learn how to apply and integrate yoga into their daily lives

• Anyone with an interest in yoga 


Teachings and guidance will all be done over video and calls. This will include practice videos, video calls, practice feedback, and access to me for support and guidance. 

All that is required of you is your commitment and an exchange which will be determined together. As these are challenging times the exchange for my offerings are being determined by each individual's available resources with consideration for my knowledge and experience. 

As guidance, normally the investment for this program would be around $275 for the first month and $175 for subsequent months, intensity dependent. 

There are limited spaces available! Please contact me to connect. 

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Self Practice

What is self practice and why is it important? 


Ultimately, your personal experience and relationship with yoga is your Guru. A teacher serves to help guide and cultivate your practice and journey of yoga while reminding you that ultimately this is about you. The Bhagavad Gita says that "yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self". A teacher offers the tools, guidance, and lived experience while the student makes the journey themselves. There is no better way to access this powerful way of learning and transformation than through the cultivation of a self practice. 

Self practice is unappealing for many reasons. The first being the level of self discipline, responsibility, and commitment it requires. The second being, in the quiet space of self practice a lot of magic happens. In the sacred space of self practice where you are undistracted from an external teacher or surrounding students, you are present with yourself and divinity. Yoga opens many portal to its devotees, an important one being the mirror in which to see, understand, and be responsible for yourself in all your beauties and flaws. Self practice opens the portal to a new depth of relating to yourself. For most, this experience can feel uncomfortable, but for those that persevere, the rewards are indescribable. 

The fundamentals of the Ashtanga Yoga System (Asana, Breath, Bandha) offer the anchors and rocks that will always support us and guide us on our journey of self discovery and evolution. 

This Parampara Program will offer you the tools, guidance, and support to help you cultivate your own practice of yoga that will evolve with you and serve you for the rest of your life. 

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Below is an example of the material that will be covered. Of course this all depends on each participant's individual pace and stage of their journey. This program is designed to be worked through at your pace as there is little point in swallowing more than you can digest. There is no rush, the journey of yoga is truly endless, so enjoy the ride. Also please note if you have previous yoga experience and some of the material seems basic, it is important to build from a solid foundation and revisiting the foundation is always helpful. 


1.1 Introduction: What is Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga

1.2 Breath: How to Breathe & Breathwaves

1.3 Bandha & Tristhana: Introduction to the Pranic Body & the Koshas 

1.4 The art of Vinyasa: Breath and Movement 

1.5 Surya Namaskara

1.6 Introduction to Chanting: Invocation, Physics, & the Power of Sound

1.7 Samskaras: Imprints & Conditioning


2.1 Hatha Yoga: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama

2.2 Asana in Theory 

2.3 Asana in Practice: Ashtanga Vinyasa Half Primary Series

2.4 Anatomy Breakdown: Standing Postures 

2.5 Anatomy Breakdown: Seated Postures

2.6 Anatomy Breakdown: Finishing Postures, Inversions & Backbending

2.7 Pranayama: Sacred Duality & the Nervous System 

2.8 Pranayama in Practice: Kapalabhati & Nadi Shodhana


3.1 Raja Yoga: Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi

3.2 Hatha Yoga & Raja Yoga: The Sacred Yin Yang of Ashtanga Yoga

3.3 Ashtanga Vinyasa Full Primary Series

3.4 Anatomy Breakdown: Primary Series

3.5 Pratyahara: Personal Power & the Bridge Inwards

3.6 Introduction to Yogic Meditation: Shushumna & Chakras

3.7 Practice of Yogic Meditation 


4.1 Samadhi: The Biology of Transcendence

4.2 Invocation of Deities: Ritual, Altars, and Expansion

4.3 Dharma: Divine Purpose and Divine Service

4.4 Karma: Bondage, Freedom, & Choice

4.5 Tantra: Exploration of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

4.6 Mystical Experience: Why & How

4.7 Practice of Yogic Meditation (Next Level)

4.8 Siddhis: Yogic Superpowers & Divine Responsibility

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