Reweaving the World

A year of great Unraveling and Reweaving.

2020 has been both a master teacher and master alchemist. Mother Earth is asking us to learn, and she has graciously given us the soft way. Yes, my friends, for this lesson is the softer smoother way, indeed.

Big themes of this year have been Lungs and Fire. The beginning of this year we sat and watched as the Lungs of the Earth Burned on an unprecedented scale, and watched the billions of animals who sacrificed their lives so we may see. Now we watch as our Lungs are on Fire. As individuals struggle through fever and fires in their lungs, collectively all of our Lungs are Burning, too.

As the world continues to slow into a stillness most have never felt before, there is a dark irony: that most are breathing cleaner air than our lungs have ever breathed before as others cannot breathe at all.

Lungs hold the energy of grief and sadness. Fire is the master of alchemy and transformation. These two are currently dancing a powerful dance. If we sit still enough, as our Mother is asking most to do, we can glimpse the dance of these two great energies.

Many are feeling the collective sadness and fires of transformation that are occurring on a macrolevel. On the microlevel, many of us are also sitting in our own sadness and feeling the grinding and burning of transformation in our own hearts and psyches.

What are we grieving? The loss of loved ones and human connection. The loss of our reality. The crumbling of a world our parents and grandparents built. The loss of our lives- in a literal or metaphorical sense. As our collective and individual lungs go through the fires of alchemy, we must allow ourselves to let the sadness move. Let the tears flow. Allow grief to be released, even if you don’t understand it. Our Lungs are purging whatever we no longer need, Collectively and Individually. The old pains, sadnesses, and buried emotions- some that have been buried in our cells and the cells of our ancestors for centuries.

Fire is tamed by water. In this sense, let sadness flow like water. Let tears flow. We are all healing together from this collective sickness. On the physical and metaphysical planes.

As we watch the World and our Selves as we know them Burn, many of us are also being faced with our shadowy aspects that our current world is built upon: feelings of lack, fear, materialism, hoarding, survival of one rather than all. Many of us feel this when we are standing in the grocery store and are deciding whether to take two loaves of bread or ten.

We are being faced with one of our oldest traumas: our lack of trust in our survival. Our lack of trust in Mother Earth, that she will supply everything we need. Mother Earth, when lived with in reciprocity, will always provide everything we need. No more, no less. We have forgotten this way of being.

This loss of memory is rooted in a time millennia ago, when we began our shift away from living in states of Harmony and Reciprocity with the Earth and with Each Other - when one man’s greed disrupted the balance of the whole village.

One man’s greed still disrupts the balance of the village, but now we have normalised greed and imbalance. We have forgotten that Humanity is a Global Village, that Earth is our Home, and that all of our greed and mistrust has threatened both.

As timelines continue to shift at chaotic speeds and our realities continue to unravel, we are being asked to Remember who we truly are. We are being asked to choose, which future we want to live in?

This “normal” we have found comfort in is an unsustainable road, and the train wreck will only worsen the further down this road we continue to go. Is it time to choose a different path? Is it time to envision a new way?

We have the power to choose the future we want to inhabit. We have the power to cocreate the world we want our children and grandchildren to live in.

Our old grief, our old pains, our outdated ways, and our limited beliefs feed a world that runs on fear, lack, division, materialism, consumerism, and greed. These old programs are currently bubbling to the surface to be Seen. And we are being given the power, not only the pains, of Fire to Alchemise and Transform them into something new.

Let your grief flow until it flows as clear Water. Offer the old limiting beliefs of fear and scarcity to the raging Fires, to the flowing Waters. With this offering, Envision the Earth you wish to see.

Gratitude instead of lack. Harmony instead of greed. Love to fill the tender spaces left behind by sadness and rage. Reciprocity instead of hoarding. Unity rather than separateness. Inclusiveness instead of prejudice. Living in Balance with Nature, rather than racing to possess her. Equilibrium, not exploitation.

The choice is ours. We get to choose what World we align with. We get to choose what world we live in. We are truly this Powerful. This is the moment to slowly awaken to remembering that Power. And that we each have a responsibility to the Power that lives within each of us.

The truth is, each one of us was born for this moment. That the Great Spirit never gives us more than we can handle. That everything we need is available to us. And that everything is a gift. Everything is for us. Even this.

Ultimately we have been offered a great gift here. A Portal by which we can do our part in unraveling the old world. A Portal that gives us the opportunity to Reweave the World into a New World. We are being offered the great powers and fires of transformation. These fires don’t just have to burn us, but we can use them wisely to transform us, too. Individually and collectively.

We are being gifted the opportunity to envision and align with a new world. A world so beautiful that when we ultimately leave it, we peacefully know that our children and grandchildren have inherited a brighter Earth, and that we did our very best with our time here to create this future.

April 2020